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Bumper/Paint Blends
A common occurrence, when owning a vehicle, are scratches and dents. Our Paint Blending Touch-Up process saves you time and money and is a perfect solution to expensive body shop paintwork. Your car is not out of service for more than a few hours. It also improves the overall appearance of your vehicle and helps the resale value as well. First, our technicians will check your car for the correct paint color. Then, the scratches and dents are prepared before our specially mixed paint is applied. Rubber moldings and bumpers are also included in this process. After the paint is applied, you are ready to pick up your ‘new’ car!

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Sprayless Scratch Repair


A revolutionary paint system that will PERMANENTLY repair chips and scratches with NO SPRAYING!

Ming Auto Beauty Center of Kansas City wants to introduce a remarkable paint process called Sprayless Scratch Repair (SSR). This process is a cost effective alternative to traditional touch-up paint systems and body shop repairs of minor scratches. It also provides a permanent and environmentally friendly alternative that hides or eliminates nicks. The SSR system has the outstanding flexibility to provide precision matched paint restoration when performing bumper and spot repairs that save you both time and money.

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    "A big thank you"

    to you and all of your wheel guys for taking care of me the other day regarding my wheel repair. The wheels look great...
    (Read More)

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    "Highest Quality"

    I wanted to take a minute to say thanks to you and your company. The repair made to my wheel was of the highest quality....(Read More)

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    "Help on Silver M3"

    Thanks for your help on the silver M3. It looks great again.

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    "Love how they Look!"

    "Excited to have my car wheels looking great again!"

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    "Thank You, Thank You...!

    We appreciated all that you did.
    -Wheel Repair Solutions International

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    "Wheels look fabulous."

    Thank you for your great help."
    - Larry Belger and Associates

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